How to get the best out our our website?

Mega Menu

We have created our menu, so you can view all our categories on 1 click. This will let you see all the different options within 1 view


We have created bundles with each main category. This will save you alot of time enabling you to get on with your work.  We will have bundles for football kits, training wear packages, Workwear, winter essentials and many more

Search Bar

The search bar has been configured to suit your needs. So when you are searching for a particular item by code, This will only bring up all the colours within that product code.

It also works for keywords, so you can search a full brand with just typing in the name, ie errea.


Once you hit the shop page with all the products you will find a filter option in the top left corner.

This will allow you to find the product you are looking for.

This is will include the main attributes – Product type, Primary colour, Brand, Style

We have added an additional filter service – RECOMMENDED BY ZALA

These are all the products that we have used, most over the years. It also includes products from our most used brands

Then you if you still haven’t found your product, we have added many more options to help

Style, Gender, Age Group, Fitting, Size, Fabric, Weight, Sleeve, Neck etc

We can’t make it any easier to find the exact product you need.

Our last addtion to the filter was “Shade Colour”

This allows you to search for a particular colour. So if you have a tee in Sapphire Blue. You can search all the items with that exact colour shade

Product Page

Then you land on the product page.

You will find the RRP price including VAT, remember NO VAT in junior items.

Below the price you will find details on how long your order will approx. take. If it also comes in Mens/Womens and also what customization ins available on that product

Then comes the service of adding your logo

Adding your logo couldn’t be easier

If you have a member code, a fast and efficient way of adding logos. Click here to check it out here 

If not, then select yes. This will allow you to select The type of customization you need, position of the logo and the file name. When these are all selected you will be given an dropdown with different options. Orders will not be processed if the wrong option is selected.

You will be given all this info on your artwork approval. You will also be able to select artwork options from the same product page.

When you have added the customization, you will see the price change to include your logos.

Then add to cart.

Nearly there.......

Now that your items have been added to the cart, if you are finished. Hover over the shopping bag in the mani menu and select View Basket.

Continue through the Cart and Basket, add your coupon code if you have one.

Pay at the checkout and you will get a confirmation email when we process the order.


That’s how easy it is to place your order with Zala.